With our tool you can add your desired amounts of Gems, Zel and Karma to your account, and also fulfill your reserves of Energy and Arena Energy! How it's possible to cheat this? - Our tool uses the special plugins built inside which automatically detects an exploit in a Brave Frontier's database and scan for any possible vulnerabilities it can find. After it detects one, it starts to inject your desired amounts of resources to your game account. This is just described in short so you can understand, but to achieve to successfully cheat this game, our team made really hard work of almost two months to successfully hack their system, and now it finally works without any bugs! But if you accidentally found one, feel free to report it to us at our contact page.

Instructions Manual

Our tool is supported both for iOS and Android devices. The interface is very user-friendly and easy to learn how to use it. For those who need help, here comes some instructions:
1. Download our application and extract it from .zip archive.
2. Run it and connect your iPhone/iPad/Android using USB cable with your PC/Mac.
3. Choose your desired amounts of Gems, Karma, Zel and Energy, confirm your choice and enjoy playing!
Like you can see, it's so easy. So don't delay, download Brave Frontier Hack and make this game easier!

100% Anti-Ban Protection!

Our app uses proxies integrated inside software's source code which automatically updates system so you will always stay undetected while hacking resources with it. Nobody can't ever track you are cheating or discover you out! The undetected process of the Brave Frontier Hack tool is hundred percent secure!

Undetected cheats